Santosha Yoga aims not to exclude anyone based on ability to pay.  If you find these prices beyond your means, please come anyway and pay what you can.  No questions asked.

Mysore or Self-Practice

I recommend that students plan their practice in monthly blocks, in order to foster commitment and consistency.  In that case, tuition is paid monthly and determined by the number of classes you attend per week. Please pay by cash or check at your first class of the month.

Drop-In class  $20

1 class per week  — $72 per month ($18 per class)

2 classes per week — $138 per month ($16 per class)

3 classes per week — $144 per month ($12 per class)

Unlimited — $160 per month

The monthly price assumes each month has exactly four weeks, which most don’t. You can adjust your payment to reflect that, or you can stick to the monthly prices listed above if, like me, you prefer to avoid math whenever you can.

Students may also purchase class cards.

3 class card — $57 ($19 per class)

6 class card –$102 ($17 per class)

8 class card –$120 ($15 per class)

These expire when they are used or when I retire (probably not soon).


Private Instruction

Private classes can also be arranged. For semi-private instruction, add $25 for each additional student to prices below. Take 20% off the price when you buy 10 private classes at once.

45 minutes — $60

60 minutes — $75

90 minutes — $100

120 minutes — $125